+ What is an escape room?

We have created one of a kind live-action games. You and your team will have to solves puzzles, riddles and piece together clues to solve the objective and escape in time.

+ How long does it take to play?

Each event lasts approximately 90 minutes and includes a 15 minute introduction, 60 minutes in the escape room, and a 15 minute walkthrough after the event.

+ Will I really be locked in?

Technically – no - you can leave at any point you choose if you feel unable to finish; however we strongly suggest you stay for the duration of the game and play through the whole experience.

+ Are the games scary?

No! Our games are built to be fun, exciting, challenging, and thrilling but NOT scary.

+ Do I have to make a reservation?

It is strongly recommend to make a reservation in advance. Our rooms do fill up. However we will accommodate walk-ins if possible, but there are no guarantees on availability.

+ Are there age restrictions?

Players 13 years old and under must have at least one paying adult per game.

+ Can I bring my infant or child?

Children 8 years old and under may accompany their parent for free.

+ How many players are there in a room?

Our rooms are designed for up to 8 people, but can be played with as little as 3 players. We do not recommend groups of 2 or less.

+ Can you accommodate parties that have more then 8 people?

Yes! there are several options for large groups. Give us a call or shoot us an email to lean about the options available. (see contact page for phone number and email)

+ Will I be playing with other guests?

All eight slots of the game are available per 90 minute blocks. If there are slots still available it is possible you will be playing with other people. But that’s okay; the potential of meeting and playing with new people can add to the overall experience.

+ Can I reserve a room for just my group?

Yes! To make sure you will not be with other players you must reserve all the slots for that specific time. If you do not reserve all the slots it is possible for other players to join the room.

+ When should I arrive?

We recommend showing up ten minutes before your scheduled time.

+ What happens if I arrive late?

As much as we would like to wait for your group, it would be unfair to the later groups if their registered time was pushed back because of your lateness. Provided you are no more than 5 minutes late, we can still get you in the game. If it's more than 5 minutes, you can play the next hour slot if that it is still available.

+ Can I get a refund if I don't make my reservation?

Cancelations must be made 24 hours in advance to get a refund. No shows are cancelations made less then 24 hours in advance forfeit their refund.

+ Can I reserve a room over the phone?

Yes, we do require a $20 deposit at the time the reservation is made.

+ Can I purchase a gift card?

Yes, please come see us during business hours to purchase a gift card.